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Rafa Delgado

He is currently head of pastry at the restaurant Hermanos Torres in Barcelona. Part of his career is his time in, Can Jubany, Alkimia and the restaurant Via Veneto, where alongside the chef Carles Tejedor, they embarked on a new stage in the important challenge of gradually renewing the menu. His desserts put emotion at the center of his discourse with sweet proposals, which are recognizable and evocative of childhood. In 2007, he won the competition The Best Dessert of Restaurant in its first edition (2007). He is also member of the pastry collective, 21 Brix.

He does not manufacture and freeze elements that are then unmolded and placed on a plate in a serialized way, but conceives the dessert as a whole that is cooked, sautéed, plated, and salted as if it were a unique work of art.

Bio Highlights

2007 – Winner of the competition The Best Dessert of Restaurant

“I do not use trendy techniques for personal display if it is not reflected positively on the plate and if they do not respect the product”

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