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Philippe Bertrand

MOF and manager of Cacao Barry’s French Chocolate Academy, he possesses great international prestige thanks to his valuable career as a trainer.

It is necessary to highlight Phillipe Bertrand’s passion for chocolate and his multiple contributions to patisserie and modern chocolate-making. He has been the manager of Cacao Barry’s French Chocolate Academy since 1998, a position which has allowed him to carry out courses and demonstrations around the world. He considers a balance of textures and flavors in patisserie fundamental.

Bio Highlights

  • 1996 – Awarded with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France
  • 1998 – Manager of the French Chocolate Academy for the Cacao Barry brand
  • 2000 – Publication of the book ‘Chocolat, l’envers du décor’

Passion is essential when you start in this profession. If you want to become a high qualified pastry chef, you have to develop your talent and to pass on your knowledge
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