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Marco d’Andrea

Marco d’Andrea

In a place as special as the Hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg, Marco d’Andrea displays his culinary philosophy around the plated dessert and the rest of the pastry work that the place offers. In his signature desserts, the elements are often distributed in a circular fashion, inviting the customer to mix all the elements and enjoy their interaction. In his professional career, he stands out for his time at the Vendôme Restaurant by Joachim Wissler and the recognition of Pastry Chef of the year in 2019.

Bio Highlights

2014 – Restaurant Vendôme

2018 – Best Pastisseir in Europe under 30

2109 – Rolling Pin as Pâtissier of the Year

“In general, I choose a main ingredient and three further ingredients maximum. According to me, you only get the perfect and harmonious mixture by using different components; many single components do not taste without being combined. ”

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Featured in so good #23