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Kévin Clemenceau

Kévin Clemenceau

With over 6 years of training in his native France and notable experiences such as at the Hotel George V in Paris, Kévin Clemenceau went to the United States to embark on a new professional adventure on the other side of the Atlantic. There he participates successfully in the second edition of the AUI Pastry Cup while complementing this activity in competitions with his contributions in large pastry companies. An unconditional fan of chocolate, he always seeks to give a personal, artistic touch to his proposals, full of nuances and featuring seasonal ingredients.

Bio Highlights

2017 – Winner of the AUI Pastry Cup

“(For winning a competition) “Have a good menu, be ready physically and mentally, be super clean in your work, be organized, use all of the time that you have, stay open minded to anything that the jurors tell you and be reactive to it”

so good.. magazine #20

Featured in so good #20