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Jordi Pujol

Spain’s Best Pastry Chef in 1995, he has aimed his career at teaching as a professor at the Joviat School.

Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef 1995 and professor at the Joviat Pastry School in Manresa. Jordi Pujol has trained a large number of young professionals who have eventually become relevant figures on today’s pastry scene. It is precisely out of this pedagogic and reflexive atmosphere that he has made his greatest contribution, with interesting ideas for a sector which needs updating. Rigor, respect, responsibility, punctuality, perseverance and predisposition are the pillars of his work philosophy.

Bio Highlights

1995 – Spain’s Best Master Pastry Chef

“He has been able to break barriers, open to other common sectors such as cuisine and understand patisserie as a changing profession, alive and dynamic”
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