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Jean François Foucher

After good years as a pastry chef in luxury restaurants all over the world, he now runs the Foucher Pâtisserie in Cherbourg.

After over a decade enriching his training in luxury restaurants all over the world (Japan, USA, Argentina and France), Jean François Foucher made a decision and opened the Foucher Pâtisserie in Cherbourg (France) ( In it, he opts for a creative, modern and original pastry which wisely combines ingredients and proposals from the countries he has visited. His aim is to promote the best local products and a seasonal pastry, with carefully selected ingredients.

Bio Highlights

2010 – Opening of Foucher Pâtisserie

“His professional and personal background, together with his unquestionable talent, is his most important weapon in order to be on guard and face a competition which, as he states, ‘is fierce everywhere in this world”
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