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Eric Bertoia

Born in France, and surrounded by fruit trees, he soon discovered that exceptional desserts could be made out of those marvelous gifts from nature. Today, Eric Bertoia is the Corporate Pastry Chef of The Dinex Group (Daniel Bouloud). He represents a bridge between French pâtisserie and the flourishing modern American pastry.

Oysters and croissants. It may seem an unusual marriage, but both products stand out on their own in the exclusive and multidisciplinary menu of Épicerie Bouloud in Manhattan. Besides, they are accompanied by other varied items such as cheeses, soups, salads, cookies and certainly one of the best viennoiseries in town. These specialties, as well as the whole sweet menu, are supervised by the chef Eric Bertoia. He sounds out the demanding consumer, who he thinks has to be seduced day by day, and for that challenge the artisanal choice has great advantage – ‘emphasize on taste and quality of ingredients rather than mass production… and put clients first, making sure to keep them satisfied. The savoir faire of artisan bakers is a major key to success’.

“The savoir faire of artisan bakers is a major key to success”
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