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Elena Pérez

Two names stand out in the training stage of Elena Pérez, pastry chef at Restaurant Preludio in Singapore. On the one hand, her mentor in Barcelona (Spain), Eric Ortuño, and on the other hand, the Basque chef Aitor Zabala. Inspired by her passion and creativity, she has developed a career whose last steps have put her in contact with Fernando Arévalo, the Colombian chef who runs Preludio. There they have developed a unique culinary proposal in which each menu is linked to a theme, to a “chapter” from which all creations are inspired. Elena Pérez brings out that creative ability to make sense of the sweet part of this proposal, with delicate play full of personal stories, and ingredients that add to the combination of flavors of each dessert she makes.

“Only once you break those barriers that you set for yourself is when you start to see beyond those‘ restrictions”

so good…magazine #23

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