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Elaine Young

“The Edible Journey” is the flagship on which she travels around Asia offering her vision of a refined, subtle, and noble pastry where her consulting services and training are required. An area of the world, Asia, which has been increasing its interest in sweet crafts for years and, in countries like India, has become a passion that needs figures like Elaine to be correctly channeled. With experiences in the sector of the great industry, her style and formative training has been forged since her childhood in the Philippines and has been developing until now, with residence in Australia. Paris is the place in the world in terms of pastry that serves as inspiration, as a reference, and a place where she has also completed her skills.

“As a chef consultant, my DNA is infused into the establishment and what I leave with my clients is theirs to keep”

so good.. magazine #18

Featured in so good #18