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Bobby Schaffer

If Chicago is one of the American capitals of gastronomy, Lost Larson fits in, a bakery in which to get caught by the irresistible proposals of its head chef. Bobby Schaffer has spent ten years working in the pastry stations of some of the most relevant restaurants in the city, such as Grace and Blue Hill. Now, in his own establishment, he defends a simple product line in which bread is the absolute protagonist, starting with a mill located on the premises with which all the flours used are processed. But in Lost Larson, not everything is left in the bread, its pastry, and even a full menu like in a wine-bar in the evenings allow the chef to attract a wider and more varied audience.

“The goal has been to get costumers to trust us and try things, and from there get them to choose items that are a big more progressive and adventurous”
so good.. magazine #23

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