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December 20, 2018

Firs, stars, sleighs, and penguins in Oberweis’s Christmas

December 20, 2018
Ana Rodríguez
Bûches de Noël Christmas Pastry ice cream Jeff Oberweis

Firs, stars, sleighs, and penguins in Oberweis’s Christmas

Firs, stars, sleighs, and penguins in Oberweis’s Christmas


Ana Rodríguez

Ice cream is very present in the Christmas proposal of brothers Tom and Jeff Oberweis. La Maison, with its usual excellence, exhibits voluptuous creations full of details for customers to have a gourmet New Year.

Despite the fact that they started with pastry, Oberweis (so good #12) has always shown great sensitivity for presenting ice cream cakes where ice cream has a clear role, surpassing the pastry components. Based on research and professional self-demand, they have gained a great reputation in Europe in this field until becoming one of the most solid references.

In this menu we find creations full of fantasy and Christmas motifs as we highlight in this article, the emblematic Frambois’in, a specialty in constant evolution and revision that was on the cover of Arte Heladero 165, which is now presented in bûche format and made with crunchy white chocolate, almond biscuit, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sorbet.

The bûches

Fir tree

Almond crumble, vanilla and pistachio ice cream, cherry and raspberry sorbet, apricot fruit paste.


Crunchy praline, milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream.


Crunchy praline, almond biscuit, vanilla and mocha ice cream, Baileys cream.

Strawberry Vacherin

Meringue, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam.

Ice Cube

Assortment of ice cream and sorbets.


Nougatine stuffed with a variety of ice creams and sorbets.

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