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Pierre Hermé’s reinterpretation of the traditional Mooncake

Pierre Hermé

September 23, 2015
Ana Rodríguez
Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé’s reinterpretation of the traditional Mooncake

There are numerous interpretations, both savory and sweet, of the Mooncake, a typical Chinese specialty with which the popular Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the worship of the moon. The latest interpretation, belonging to Pierre Hermé, provides harmonic and delicate flavors. Specifically, the pastry chef presents four creations- full moon, new moon, waning moon and waxing moon-covered in pure dark chocolate of Mexican origin and divided in two sections: Plénitude y Ouvre-Toi.

Plénitude (full moon and new moon) has a warm flavor of wood achieved by fusing chocolate cookies with soft caramel. While Ouvre-Toi (waning moon and waxing moon) offers a very balanced taste, the result of combining praline and sesame nougatine.

His Mooncakes can be tasted until 1 October at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, at Selfridges in London and at the Pierre Hermé Paris shops in Hong Kong.

mooncake by Pierre Hermé