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Pierre Hermé’s Madame Figaro entremets

Pierre Hermé

October 16, 2015
Ana Rodríguez
Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé’s Madame Figaro entremets

The tireless pastry chef Pierre Hermé continues to create pieces of pastry in which pleasure turns into a guide.

One of his latest inventions, Madame Figaro, is inspired by a traditional Polish brioche which combines a set of textures and flavors, each layer bringing enjoyment.

A financial biscuit flavored with orange and garnished with fresh raspberries hosts a brioche duo crème brûlée flavored with orange blossom and soft fondant. A light cream to semi-candied fruit is invited to the summit, and fresh fruit gives the finishing touches to the whole.

You can get a taste until 18 October in Paris boutiques located 72 rue Bonaparte Paris 6th and 185 rue Vaugirard  Paris 15th. Customers can also apply online for delivery in Paris and around.