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Pastry Concept: Leonardo di Carlo’s new laboratory and classroom

Leonardo Di Carlo

October 13, 2015
Ana Rodríguez
Leonardo Di Carlo
Pastry Concept: Leonardo di Carlo’s new laboratory and classroom

Leonardo di Carlo, with almost 25 years experience in the field of pastry and 20 traveling the world giving classes at schools and international companies, has now decided to create a space in Conegliano (Italy), Pastry Concept, in which to continue researching formulas and sharing them with all those restless professionals who want to learn new tools. A very personal project which he undertakes with his partner, Michela Balliana, who is responsible for sales and marketing.

In the classroom, equipped with the latest equipment, Leonardo will teach classes of up to 12 students to directly transmit all the passion he feels for the craft. An enthusiasm that we saw in so good #13 where he discussed the virtues of using olive oil as an alternative to butter.

His versatile academic proposal is based on seven types of courses for different targets. Courses for pastry professionals so they can broaden, share, and update knowledge. Scientific pastry courses to experiment with ingredients and their properties, and incidentally acquire simple notions of physics and chemistry. Gourmand courses aimed at pastry fans and enthusiasts who want to acquire methods and improve skills. R & D Courses where they will look at research, development and study technological innovation to optimize products and manufacturing processes. Consulting courses with personalized guidelines depending on the customer’s needs (new store opening, corporate training …). There will also be courses for associations and companies, and also courses for foreigners who want an introduction to the bases on which Italian pastry is founded.

Leonardo du Carlo and Michella Balliana