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Paco Torreblanca’s school is born

September 21, 2012
Paco Torreblanca’s school is born
Alberto Ruiz

As Paco himself has stated repeatedly, ‘not a single day have I stopped learning‘. And above this, he has incessantly taught all those who have ever approached his workshop or attended any of his countless courses all over the world. So now, and taking advantage of the excellent facilities in his workshop, the ‘Paco Torreblanca School’ is born, with the purpose of imparting his knowledge through a complete, fully-structured program which will include the main subjects of artisanal patisserie.

In a period of six months, the students will learn how to handle ingredients, the essential techniques and preparation processes, as well as all the artistic possibilities which the trade offers, all by the hand of a teachers’ team led by Paco and Jacob Torreblanca. This training program of Art in Pastry consists of different modules: Food Handling and Health Inspection; Travel Cakes and Tarts (plum cakes and other); Breakfast Bakes; Classic and Signature Cakes; Petit Fours; Chocolate, Bonbons, Decoration and Carving; Sugar: decoration and sculptures; Ice Creams, Sorbets and Ice Sculptures; Wedding Cake Decoration.

The program has been designed for reduced groups –no more than 16 students per semester– which favors a highly personalized assessment.