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L’Expérience Chocolat by Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

November 17, 2016
Ana Rodríguez
Pierre Hermé
L’Expérience Chocolat by Pierre Hermé

The Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, on the occasion of the publication of the book Chocolat by Pierre Hermé, opened from 4 to 6 November “L’Expérience Chocolat”, an ephemeral and multisensorial space in the Marais district of Paris, an invitation to enter a world of pleasures, flavors, and sensations around chocolate.

Ultime, dessert by Pierre Hermé
Ultime, last dessert by Pierre Hermé

Visitors not only were able to participate in activities and see the spectacular photos of Sergio Coimbra which illustrate the book, but also discovered a preview of the pastry chef’s latest dessert, Ultime, born of the desire to create a cake associating chocolate and vanilla, each with a very marked flavor. Here the Pure Origin Belize dark chocolate of the Xibun plantation in the Cayo district expresses the purity of its cocoa taste, while the Madagascar vanilla freely liberates its scented note.

In the book Chocolat, Hermé shares his journey of initiation to chocolate more than 40 years ago, offering readers the possibility to explore chocolate in all its forms and discover his impressive creations.