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Fantasy Director, Susumu Koyama’s magical decoration cake shop

Susumu Koyama

December 27, 2017
Ana Rodríguez
Susumu Koyama
Fantasy Director, Susumu Koyama’s magical decoration cake shop

Fourteen years after opening es koyama, Susumu Koyama surprises with the inauguration of Fantasy Director, a specialty decoration cake shop.

The choice of name, as Koyama explains, responds to “our desire to turn customers’ dreams and fantasies into reality through personalized Haute Couture decoration cakes. The kind that we wished ware real when we were children.”

The exterior and interior construction of the boutique is the work of Naoki Kusumi, a world-renowned plaster artisan who previously helped with the construction of “Rozilla” and “Miraiseisakusho”, and who used a relief technique for the first time to make it World Class. Inside, in addition to display cases with cakes, there is a relaxation area with a sofa so that customers can carefully think about their wishes.

The pastry chef has always tried to connect memories and experiences from his childhood to get inspired when creating his pieces. And it’s precisely two children, Ale and Kyle, who are the protagonists of this video where you can discover more about the new shop and in which a fantastic story is explained. The two brothers go into the forest of Ur looking for a magical birthday cake so that their father, who is constantly working, can become rich, and they find Fantasy Director, the magic pastry shop where the cake of their dreams will be made.