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Coffee grinders, perfumes, radios and books in four artistic creations by Amaury Guichon

Amaury Guichon

November 6, 2020
Ana Rodríguez
Amaury Guichon
Coffee grinders, perfumes, radios and books in four artistic creations by Amaury Guichon

With almost three million followers, Amaury Guichon, one of the pastry chefs with the greatest international projection, continues to set trends. His originality and technical perfection are acclaimed by his followers. If vocation and perseverance are added to that, success is more than assured.

In his creative process, the French chef seeks to distinguish himself, to establish his own canon, as he explains in so good # 19. “I try to create things that haven’t been done before. I am often inspired by different materials and techniques in fields of work. I also like to trick the mind by creating things that look like everyday objects such as a watch, an egg, or a compass. I’m looking for people to see my products and say “it’s too pretty … I don’t want to eat it.”

To delve further into his work, we recommend consulting the recipe of the colorful Guilty Pleasure or purchasing a book that gathers 12 of his most exclusive desserts, explained from the sketches to the last details.

In his social media, he never ceases to surprise with spectacular pieces. Here are four that are undoubtedly a good example of Guichon’s talent and ability to leave more than one person with their mouths open.


Turn on the radio!

This awesome retro radio is made for caramel lovers.

It is made up of a river of salted vanilla caramel over a creamy soft caramel, a light caramel mousse, a moist peanut financier sponge, and a crunchy recomposed peanut cookie. And all this wrapped in a thin layer of caramelized white chocolate.

Rose and champagne perfume

This perfume bottle is sophisticated and chic with the scent of strawberry and champagne.

The ingredients that Guichon uses are wild strawberry mousse, rosé champagne gel, fresh strawberry compote, crisp Breton sable, and crispy candied rose petal. All covered in ruby ​​chocolate and a thin layer of pink frosting.

The history of pistachio

The French pastry chef explains the history of pistachio in this book, consisting of a crunchy recomposed pistachio streusel, an extremely moist pistachio sponge cake, a layer of caramelised Apricot of honey and a light but intense pistachio mousse.

Watch it in his Instagram account.


Grandma’s coffee grinder

A crunchy hazelnut recomposed streusel, a moist coffee financier topped with a chocolate streusel, a soft chocolate / coffee cremeux, a coffee praline and a rich chocolate mousse. These are the elements of this perfect coffee grinder. To create it, he confesses, “I dug into my childhood memory to replicate my grandmother’s coffee grinder.”

Watch it in his Instagram account.