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Antonio Bachour premieres at the Italian school iCook

Antonio Bachour

August 3, 2018
Ana Rodríguez
Antonio Bachour
Antonio Bachour premieres at the Italian school iCook

Pastry chefs from all over Italy, but also from countries such as Morocco, the Czech Republic, and Argentina, did not want to miss the master class that Antonio Bachour carried out in July at iCook, the Italian pastry school run by Francesca Maggio and Luca Montersino.

Bachour, Montersino and Maggio

Along with his assistant José Manuel Samper, a regular contributor to Dulcypas, he created all kinds of creations, from viennoseires to plated desserts, pralines, and entremets, to end with a spectacular buffet that surprised and moved the attendees. An original repertoire full of flavor and color with which the Puerto Rican chef explained his way of understanding pastry, revealing his knowledge, techniques, and aesthetic tastes.

It is the first time that Bachour taught courses at the school located in Chieri (Turin) and will not be last. In 2019, he will return to Italy exclusively to teach two master classes in iCook.