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Name of School: iCook

Brief History: Small cooking and pastry school directed by Luca Montersino and Francesca Maggio.
iCook makes culinary innovation available to everyone – amateurs and professionals- in a family environment.

Location: Via Balbo, 6. 10023 Chieri (Turin)

Brief description of its pastry program: In the field of pastry, iCook offers different alternatives:

  • Academy of Pastry: 14 weeks in the hands of the best international trainers, studying the ingredients and techniques of all Italian pastry bases in a very close environment. Ideal for those who want to become a professional pastry chef.
  • Specialization courses with international pastry chefs such as Antonio Bachour, Cédric Grolet, Johan Martin, Amaury Guichon, Frank Haasnoot, Joakim Prat, Paco Torreblanca, Yann Brys, Yann Duytsche, Raúl Bernal, Jean Michel Perruchon, Alexandre Bourdeaux, and Peter Yuen.
    Master classes, limited places, where the student establishes continuous contact with the teacher and go beyond the techniques, they can get to know the pastry chefs on a deeper level and understand the intention and emotion that makes the birth of a work of high pastry possible.

Other facilities: Two large screens, with very high-resolution cameras that, taking up the work plan in real time, allow the students to perceive each detail of the preparations during the masterclasses.


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