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The window for professional products

December 22, 2010
Albert Mañé

Since we began this new phase with updating webpage two months ago, we haven’t stopped thinking about how to improve the services we provide.

One of the sections which have been a major success up to now is New Products, in which the main suppliers of the international haute pâtisserie sector display their new products. There are more and more manufacturers and distributors interested in showing their latest contributions to the pastry sector once they have noticed pastry chefs’ interest in experiencing first-hand the latest products in machinery, raw materials, and produce, among others.

With this booming interest and suggestions we have received, we wanted to take a step forward and offer new options both for the manufacturer/distributor and the pastry chef. The updated section now has a more visually attractive and organized design in three large categories: “Machinery and equipment”, “Raw Materials and finished products”, and “Items and accessories”.

Other additional characteristics are:

  • Classification of new products by tags and firms
  • The possibility to include different photographs and video of the product
  • Business/distributor information expanded
  • Key word search tool
  • Evaluation of new product

We hope that this space continues evoke maximum interest both for supply, providers, and for demand, pastry chefs.