Best Magazine Of Haute Pâtissere

A crusade for haute pâtisserie

September 29, 2010

In So Good.. magazine, we are proving that not only is ‘the best pastry’ on a par with ‘the best cuisine’, but also that it has some own characteristics which raise it to the highest level in gastronomy. Now, from this renewed website, we intend to continue our work in the service of haute pâtisserie. We invite all those who are part of this noble trade to participate in this crusade.

We are interested in everything, because we are well aware of the fact that a good professional is always passionate about finding out what is cooking in every corner of the world regarding pastry, chocolate or any dessert in general. Following the same philosophy to which we have been faithful since our very first steps in the world of publishing by the year 1980, and which we exercise in all our magazines, this space is available for all those who have something to show and to share with the trade. Be welcome.