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Pastry Items & Accessories

Pastry utensils such as molds, knives, trays, parchment paper, boxes, doilies and other items both for the store and the workshop

Bakon makes machinery management easier with RedControl

Simple design, customizable panel, and a recipe assistant with visual support are some of the benefits that this advanced operating system provides.More info

Chocolate World’s 2023 mold collection, adapted to current times

The manufacturer surprises with new faceted shapes and an expansion of the range of one-shot-friendly shapes.More info

Maé Innovation makes cake preparation easy with their Silmaé Easy Pie

This range of molds allows for making sweet and savory recipes without having to roll out the dough. More info

Chocolate World launches magnetic mold clamps

This accessory is designed for the production of hollow figures, Easter eggs, and other chocolate creations.More info

FOO’D, Pavoni Italia’s molds for the Horeca sector

The brand has conceived this line along with chef Davide Oldani and his team.More info

Chocado, the new line of chocolate molds from Silikomart Professional

Within this range, made with high quality materials, we find collections signed by Andrey Dubovik, Vincent Guerlais, Kirsten Tibballs, and David Vidal.More info

Innovative Silikomart molds for baked pastry with TPLUS +

The new range is dedicated to travel cakes and viennoiserie.More info

Chocolate Wishes! A new collection of Chocolate World molds

To complete this range, the Belgian manufacturer has created a cardboard display for chocolate shops that want to attract the attention of walk-in customers.More info

Valrhona launches a pastry app that includes its Interactive Essentials

With the touch of a button, the new application offers technical expertise and customizable tools for developing recipes for pastry chefs and professional bakers.More info