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Mario Masiá reveals the potential of toppings in Más

Mario Masiá reveals the potential of toppings in Más
February 21, 2019
Luis Concepción
Books For Chefs Catalogue

The captain of the Spanish Team who were runner-ups of the 2016 Ice Cream World Cup, Mario Masiá, and Arte Heladero present Más, a grand publishing project that revolves around toppings. The official launch of the book will be next Wednesday, February 27.

The book reveals the experience of a professional career dedicated to artisan ice cream making with a clear connecting thread and about 100 recipes that demonstrate the trade’s excellence. Ice creams, sorbets, marbling, chunks, solid chocolates, tutti-fruttis, and other fruit possibilities make their way into this author’s first book, one of the most influential professionals of the current ice cream scene.

Masiá wanted to gather all the potential and versatility of the complements that today can accompany ice cream in all its presentation formats in one book. A compilation that orders and harmonizes a very dispersed area of ice cream making, and in which each of the toppings is preceded by the corresponding previous study for correct ice cream tasting and conservation at exhibition temperature.

Mario Masiá is the head of a historic ice cream shop, with an origin that dates back to 1963 in Sant Vicent del Raspeig (Alicante, Spain). He heads an emblematic brand with several establishments whose showcase has gained great prestige. Masiá Heladeros Artesanos is one of the best exponents of the combination between tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and personality.


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