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Jordi Puigvert Research and Development

Jordi Puigvert and smart pastry

Jordi Puigvert and smart pastry
July 31, 2012
Alberto Ruiz
Jordi Puigvert Research and Development

Introducing new, advantageous ingredients; simplifying the processes; increasing the uses and performance of each product; in short, optimizing the technical side of pastry and bringing it to its best: this is what smart pastry is all about – a concept which Jordi Puigvert practices and teaches all over the world as a technical advisor for several companies. And this will actually be the main topic of a book which will come out next November, written by Puigvert himself and published by Grupo Vilbo and So Good..

Buffet Final in Taipei (Taiwan)

Written in a pedagogical way, and showing numerous step-by-step images for each technique, the book will focus on some ingredients like the ‘texturizers’, revealing some of their least known uses in pastry products. This book will prove that some of the ingredients at the artisans’ reach nowadays do not lessen neither the quality nor the personality of a creation, but allow to obtain magnificent results regarding texture, preservation and a better interaction with other ingredients.

Without frontiers

Jordi Puigvert has traveled the world teaching the results of his research and technical progresses to professionals of patisserie. In his course agenda, places like Hong Kong, Milan, Singapore, USA or Taipei (Taiwan) are to be found. In the latter, he recently carried out a demonstration based on the aromatic notes of Michel Cluizel’s couvertures. The popular Japanese cream and strawberry tart, in which white couverture with a dairy flavor replaces cream, a sweet-and-sour licorice plum cake, a salted caramel and lemon speculoos bonbon – these are some of the creations he developed in his demonstration. The attending professionals were most grateful for the ideas Puigvert expounded, and in a very special way for his innovative view, always in the vanguard so as to build an efficient, practical, and in conclusion, smart type of pastry.


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