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Books For Chefs Catalogue Chocolate

Chocolat: More Than 60 Recipes for Entremets and Tarts from Maja Vase | Review

Chocolat: More Than 60 Recipes for Entremets and Tarts from Maja Vase | Review
May 25, 2023
Ana Rodríguez
Books For Chefs Catalogue Chocolate

Maja Vase‘s followers are in luck with the launch of Chocolat, which brings together in a single book on paper two of her great books in ebook format around chocolate entremets and chocolate tarts.

Published by Books For Chefs in English, it gathers more than 60 recipes with a personal, modern and timeless style. Creations in which the Danish chef clearly shows her technical skills and her neatness when working. A true “clean cut” expert, her creations inside her reveal velvety textures and creaminess in mousses and ganaches.


Discover Chocolat by Maja Vase


When going through the pages of the book, what most strikes the culinary writer Marie Holm, as she explains in the prologue, is “the cultivation. The dessert cakes are very much made by a human hand; they look like pieces of art. And at the same time there is an understanding of nature in them, both in the choice of ingredients and in the styling of them”. Furthermore, “even though there is a lot of time and thought behind every single chocolate dessert cake in the book, there is also an underlying awareness that the result will never be better than the ingredients used. Maja’s basic recipes are actually quite simple and based on a few quality ingredients. And more importantly: the cakes are delicious”, she adds.

Beyond the recipes, this book also contains general advice on the art of tempering chocolate, gelatin, shelf life, equipment, or the secret behind a perfect chocolate mousse.


Chocolat is divided into two sections:

Chocolate entremets

In this section, the chef reveals the step-by-step instructions of 30 beautiful entremets with such interesting combinations as rhubarb – lemon – white chocolate, delicate on the outside, razor sharp on the inside and with spectacular layers; red currant – white chocolate with a pierced chocolate disc that gives character to the cake; sea buckthorn – liquorice, decorated with a marigold butterfly, and black currant – dark chocolate – vanilla that is a freaky fusion between a brownie and unbaked meringue.

Chocolate tarts

The second part of the book is dedicated to small and large chocolate cakes, with flaky crusts, moist fillings, super silky creams and ganaches, and very delicate chocolate details. Blueberry – dark chocolate, passion fruit – white chocolate, pear – thyme – white chocolate and raspberry – cocoa – pecan are some of the 30 recipes that can be consulted.


Discover Chocolat by Maja Vase