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Anna Polyviou

Elegance, technical perfection and a desire to enjoy herself are among the gifts that the Australian pastry chef brings to her work

The distance between Anna Polyviou (Sydney, Australia) and the editorial team of So Good.. in Barcelona measures many thousands of miles. Despite this, our relationship has always been very close. From day one she won us over with her enthusiasm, her passion for her work and, of course, for her elegance and finesse in each and every one of her creations. As such, the pastry chef of the Shangri-la Hotel in Sydney deserves a special place among the contributors to the magazine. We have no intention of losing touch with a professional who is always restless and eager to make new suggestions that combine fun, passion and exceptional results.

Bio Highlights

2000 – Wins the Best Apprentice in Victoria run by Les Toques Blonc

2004 – Dessert of the Year (The Nadell Trophy)

2004 – The Culinary Academy Award of Excellence for pastry

2008 – Best Chocolate Dessert at the Callebaut Chocolate Competition of Australia

“Art and self-expression comes in all forms, mine is the naughty playful pushing the boundaries and being different from the rest”
so good.. magazine #11

Featured in so good #8 and so good #11