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Danon Culinary Center

Danon Culinary Center

Name of School: Danon Culinary Center

Year of Foundation: 2016

Brief History: Danon, founded in 2016 by chef Meir Danon, has quickly positioned itself as Israel’s premier culinary training center in the Tel Aviv harbor.

The campus, equipped with state of the art equipment, ensures optimal learning conditions.

One of its strengths is the teaching team, made up of the best chefs, bakers and pastry chefs in the country, who train students with modern and up-to-date knowledge and techniques.

Location: Hataarucha 3 Tel Aviv. 6350903 Israel.

Brief description of its pastry program: Danon offers two training programs, one for beginners who want to start a career in professional kitchens and one for experienced professionals seeking to improve their skills or to be inspired.

Lior Shtaygman is the head of the pastry department, Pastry training last 6 months, and consist of basic techniques and know-how in French, local, and international pastry.

In addition to the basic training, Danon hold one-week masterclass with pastry chefs who are a worldwide reference, such as Carles Mampel, Julien Álvarez, Jacque Genin, Cédric Grolet, Guillaume Mabilleau, Yann Couvrreur, among many others.

Other facilities: As part of the campus, Danon operates a student’s restaurant and a culinary library with hundreds of books and magazines from all over the world.


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