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Academy of Pastry Arts



Academy of Pastry Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts

Name of School: Academy of Pastry Arts

Brief History:

Founded in 2010 by Chef Niklesh Sharma, Academy of Pastry Arts is a finest group of International Pastry schools in Asia. Pastry chefs around the world call it “Pastry School of Champions”

The 9 Month Advance Diploma Pastry Program offered here is considered as the best Pastry program in world

One of its main attractions is its teaching team, made up of renowned professionals such as MOF Chef Jean-François Arnaud , World Pastry Champions Chef Tan Wei Loon , World Pastry Champion Chef Loi Ming Ai, Chef Kean Chuan who is World No. 2 in Mondial des Sucre 2018 . These Pastry chefs are also winner of Asia Pastry Cup 2014 & 2018 as well.

Academy have team of more than 40 visiting guest chefs like MOF Angelo musa, Arnaud larher, Stephane Treand, Sebastien chevalier, Frederic hawecker to name a few along with Master chefs Like christophe Morel, Sebastien Buouillet, Vincent Guirlais, Johan Martin and Emmanuele Farcone in their campuses conducting more than 50 Mater classes every year.

Academy has centres in Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand (Late 2019)

– Malaysia (2010)

– Philippines (2015 – (Open for International Full time Students)

– India

  1. New Delhi (2015)
  2. Bangalore (2017)
  3. Mumbai (2018)

– Indonesia (2018)

– Singapore (opening 2019)

– Thailand (opening 2019)

While the main focus in the Academy is a specialized, structured training to full time students. In addition, it has expanded their services to on-site consultancy, Workshops in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and North and South America.

In 2012, the Academy created the Asia Pastry Forum, one of the most anticipated annual pastry events that gathers some of the most international pastry chefs, chocolatiers, master bakers, and avant-garde chefs from around the world.

Location: No. 16, Jalan 51A / 223, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Brief description of its pastry program:

– 9 Month Full time Pastry Program

– 24 Days Intensive Pastry classes

– 2 weeks Professional program in Bakery

– 2 weeks Professional chocolatier Program

Other facilities: With an International Campus, it has more than 15 kitchens, a demonstration kitchen, lecture rooms, library, and students lounge.


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