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‘Tutti-frutti’ bar with mantecado ice cream, by Mario Masiá

‘Tutti-frutti’ bar with mantecado ice cream, by Mario Masiá


In the book, Más, by the master ice cream maker Mario Masiá, a fruit dice was made especially designed for frozen pastry and ice cream through a simple technique with agar agar. More fruit flavor, less sweetness, and an ideal cutting texture after three months in the refrigerator and six months in the freezer. This topping and many more will be found in the book called Más, which has just been published by so good magazine and Vilbo group. The proposal with this book is to address all kinds of pastry creations that can be used as a complement to an ice cream dessert, with a good tasting texture at sub-zero temperatures. In this example, Mario Masiá uses a classic from traditional ice cream making, the mantecado ice cream (very similar to the biscuit glacé) to make a tutti-frutti, one of the most popular flavors of the display cases in Spanish ice cream parlors.


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