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Francisco Migoya

Doughnut ganache cookies by Francisco Migoya

Doughnut ganache cookies by Francisco Migoya

Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine and co-author of the spectacular Modernist Bread, has a restless mind that allows him to produce surprising and creative pieces with impeccable technique, which serve as inspiration for many professionals.

A good example of his enormous inventiveness are these doughnut ganache cookies. The idea, he explains, “is based on a nougat that I made in my Hudson Chocolates chocolate shop. For a while, I used doughnut cake to make ganaches (cream + chocolate + biscuits) and the result was very good because as it barely uses wheat flour, you can make a very smooth and creamy puree with them, especially with those that are high in fat”.

In this case, he has chosen to make doughnuts based on doughnut cake, instead of brioche-type dough. “The important thing,” he underlines, “is to use store bought cake doughnuts because it’s the only way to get the taste point of reference I’m going for.” Likewise, the sablé dough is baked on a savarin mold to give it shape since “if two savarin molds are put together, you achieve a very similar appearance to doughnuts.” To achieve different flavors, Migoya offers three options: without filling, filled with raspberry jam and covered with a mixture of freeze-dried raspberry powder and sugar, and filled with black currant jam and covered with freeze-dried black currant powder and sugar.