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Yuzu is added to the Valrhona Inspiration range


Yuzu is added to the Valrhona Inspiration range

Yuzu is added to the Valrhona Inspiration range

Valrhona has expanded its range of fruit and nut couvertures Inspiration with yuzu, a new flavor, to the North America market.

Yuzu is a precious fruit with a bittersweet taste and a bitter touch that perfectly blends with other ingredients, such as dark chocolate, coconut, and aromatic herbs. For the Inspiration line, Valrhona only uses high-quality yuzu grown on small farms that are halfway up the mountains in the rural region of Kochi, in southeastern Japan. In this way, the firm achieves a highly concentrated natural flavor and color from yuzu juice, free of preservatives and  with no dairy or gluten.

Yuzu Inspiration joins the rest of the flavors of the –Strawberry line. Passion Fruit and Almond- known for being dairy free, gluten free, and vegan and mixing the texture and functionality of chocolate with the intense flavor and color of natural fruit and nuts. Per Se, Jean Georges, Dominique Ansel, And Sons Chocolatiers, Ginger Elizabeth, Artelice Patisserie, Dinara Kasko, Pierre Herme, Burdick Chocolates, Gramercy Tavern, Loews Miami Beach, Patrice Demers, Craftsman and Wolves are some of the establishments that use the range to offer innovative creations to its customers.

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