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Will Aghajanian

Committed to innovation and with unique and unprecedented proposals, Will Aghajanian, alongside his partner Liz Johnson, directs The Catbird Seat in Nashville (Tennessee). A signature restaurant with U-shaped tables scattered around the kitchen. In this way the chef establishes a personal relationship with diners, whom he surprises with his constant plays between sweet and savory and his surprising shapes housed in bowls and unconventional dishes. His purpose is to carve a path of his own, free from external influences and current dominant opinions. In his training, he highlights the turning point that Mugaritz’s cooking in Spain meant for him. The hunger to constantly evolve has ever since been his main professional motivation.

“We try to keep the experience fun and energetic, we bounce around from more polarizing combinations to things that are simple”

so good…magazine #23

Featured in so good #23