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Tanguy Coelis

In 2008, Tanguy Coelis became part of the Herman Janssens Patisserie Manus team in Braaschatt, Antwerp (Belgium). The affinity of criteria and desire to modernize classic pastry led him to understand it easily and over the years become the head of the bakery of a business that this 2021 has opened its third point of sale in another nearby town, Stabroek. Now Tanguy Coelis also shares the good progress of the business and the work of all the novelties of the house with the second generation of Janssens, Max and Emelie. Modernity, repertoire diversity and good connection with his clientele have strengthened Manus’s good performance all these years.

“In Belgium, pastry is overall quite classical and more traditional, but we try to do more of our own thing, to stand out a little more than the rest by renewing our pastries twice a year and, instead of following the crowd, we’d like to think of ourselves as a trendsetter”

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