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Ryan Clift

In a city as unique as Singapore you expect a wide variety of culinary offerings.
One such offering is Tippling Club, from British chef, Ryan Clift, with its colourful, sensational and playful cuisine, and strong ties to the world of cocktails.
In the sweets section of his well-crafted menu, Ryan applies large measures of genius, well aware that the role of the dessert is to complete a satisfactory culinary experience.
In his approach to the dessert, Ryan is clear that he needs to both surprise and excite at the same time, balancing to perfection the elements of aroma, flavour, texture and temperature.
What’s more, his desserts combine inspiration from both eastern and western culture.

Bio Highlights

2008 – Opened the Tippling Club


“Pastry has to go out with a massive bang at the end of the meal. We put a lot of effort to make sure that once our guests finish their savory experience, they go on another equally exciting sweet journey”

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