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Ronny Emborg

Ronny Emborg, with a long career in kitchens such as that of Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen, El Bulli and Mugaritz in Spain and even aboard the Royal Yacht of the Dutch royal family, he has been the Executive Chef since 2015 of the two-star Michelin restaurant Atera, located on Worth Street in the coveted Tribeca neighborhood of New York.

A spirit of improvement characterizes this Danish chef who started in the trade as a kitchen assistant and who, through hard work, has achieved success. Emborg defines his cuisine as sensory, a cuisine that appeals to the five senses, is elegant and focuses on ingredients, but it also cares for everything that is beyond the specific content of the dish.

“If you put in hard work, it is most likely you will succeed”

So good… magazine # 24

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