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Raphaël Giot

Raphaël Giot is an ambassador for Belgian patisserie and a way of understanding the trade in which patisserie itself coexists in harmony with first class bakery and chocolate making. It is precisely thanks to his development in all its fullness of these three disciplines that led him to open a new larger maison about two years ago on the outskirts of Lasne, a few kilometers from Brussels. In his semi-cold line, he likes sobriety and the search for flavors that captivate his clientele. One of his most successful entremets is “Cristal”, created for his participation in the 2009 Pastry World Cup, when the Belgian team came in third place. Among the professionals with whom he has had the opportunity to work and improve his level, the influences of Jacques Rouard, Rik de Baere, and Philippe Vandecappelle stand out.

Bio Highlights

2009 – Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, third place

2019 – opening of his renovated pâtisserie in Lasne

“Mastering pâtisserie, chocolaterie, and boulangerie is in a way the best business model”

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