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Nicolas Belorgey

Nicolas Belorgey

Nicolas Belorgey is part of that breed of nomadic French chefs who have left their homeland, in this case Burgundy, to go on different adventures in places as diverse as the United Kingdom, Australia, or Taiwan. Although the eagerness to know new territories and cultures have accompanied him in this journey, the Le Cordon Bleu professor is also proud to be an ambassador of French savoir-faire in terms of haute pâtisserie. He defines his creative style by comparing each creation with a book which must seduce from the cover (the presentation) until you enjoy its interior (the tasting).

Each creation is like a book, it must be attractive from the cover to the last page.

Bio Highlights

2005 – First place for plated dessert and sugar showpiece at Gastronomical Fair of Dijon

2006 – Culinary challenge of Brisbane (First place for special occasion cake)

2007 – Culinary challenge of Brisbane (First place for plated dessert, special occasion cake and sugar showpiece)

2012 – Head Pastry Chef at Yauatcha, London

2012 – Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu (London and Le Cordon Bleu Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

2013 – 9th position Coupe du Monde of the Pâtisserie (UK team)

2014 – Pastry European Cup Geneva (Gold Medal with the UK team)

“Overall, I tend to give top priority to textures and I like contrast to be both seen and felt”

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