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Michal Wisniewski

Michal Wisniewski

The turning point of Michal Wisniewski’s career is his entry into the Haffner Hotel in Sopot, Poland. It is there where what until then had been a necessary job became a passion. An environment in which creativity is valued and nurtured and which took him a few years to become the executive pastry chef. His training was completed with trips to Spain, where he came into contact with avant-garde pastry and cuisine. It is with this experience that he incorporates a more culinary vision into his pastry repertoire with an unprecedented range of ingredients and diverse origins. Since then he has done nothing but refine his work and develop a repertoire of products with less obvious flavors, but with great character. We have a good example of this in his handling of fruits, especially citrus, which he likes to macerate (compress) to extract all its essence.

“The products that I have prepared are minimalist in their presentation, I wanted to reflect my spirit, the aesthetics and purity of forms”

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Featured in so good #23