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Gustavo Sáez

The Chilean chef Gustavo Sáez is one of the great professionals of the dessert world in Latin America. For his work leading the sweet station of 99 Restaurant in Santiago de Chile, he was recognized as the best pastry chef of 2016 by the media ranking that The World’s 50 Best Restaurants prepares for Latin America. A participant in several editions of the Pastry World Cup, Gustavo demonstrates great versatility and elegance, relying on local ingredients and demanding pastry techniques as diverse as is the case of artistic sugar.

Bio Highlights

2016 – Best Pastry Chef Latin America 50 Best Restaurants

2018 – Winner of the Maya Pastry Cup with Chile team

“One of the keys to this trade is in being able to convey the idea of artisanal”

so good.. magazine #24

Featured in so good #19 and so good #24