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Gianluigi Bonelli

One of the most acclaimed culinary figures in Asia, he runs the restaurant GE in Hong Kong.

Half Italian, half Chinese, Gianluigi Bonelli is one of the most acknowledged chefs in Asia. After spending part of his training in prestigious restaurants (El Bulli, The Fat Duck or Le Calandre), he settled in Hong Kong where he developed his cuisine and sweet ideas, first at the restaurant Kee Club and then at the restaurant GE. In both places, he has always tried to create without taking anything for granted. In short, Bonelli is a chef who attaches great importance to the concept which gives meaning to the desserts and dishes he creates.

“To create you have to free yourself from your mind, with your vision. To turn your ideas into reality you need to have confidence and at the same time prepare to make mistakes, trials, and more mistakes until you reach your goal. This is how I evolve”
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