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Gérard Dubois

It has been 26 years since the opening of his first pastry shop in Hong Kong, under the name of La Rose Noire. Since then his empire in Southeast Asia has not stopped growing and his products are present all over the world today. But Gérard Dubois has not lost a single ounce of the vocation that pushes him to find the essence of each creation to achieve perfection in his recipes. In 2012, this pastry chef of Swiss origin inaugurated a new line of establishments under the name Passion, with branches in Hong Kong, Macao and the Philippines. These are shops with the special charm of homey country cottage décor and the aroma of freshly baked bread. The best flours are brought from France to produce a delicate and crisp bread and a wide range of traditional and modern French pastry.

His 4th book, Le Pain Passion, is a delightful work with great visual impact and very carefully edited in which he poured that passion he professes towards his craft and those magical products that come out of the oven.

“Many people are tired of eating “plastic” bread… and understand the need to eat natural products”

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