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Angelo Corvitto

Angelo Corvitto

Great maître glacier.
Author of the most important book on artisanal ice cream
‘The secrets of ice cream. Ice cream without secrets’

Maître glacier and owner of the company Gelats Angelo in Ullà (Girona). His contribution to giving the ice cream industry a theoretical-practical working method was a real turning point in the trade. He wrote ‘The secrets of ice cream. Ice cream without secret’ – a title which summarizes the philosophy of a professional who is always open to sharing his know-how.

Bio Highlights

1985 – Opening of his first ice cream workshop

2004 – Publication of his book ‘The secrets of ice cream. Ice cream without secrets

2006 – Best Glacier of the Year (Identità Golose)

2007 – Best publication award by the Basque Gastronomic Academy

“Some restaurant and pastry professionals, maybe because of a lack of technique, desist from preparing their own ice creams. This way, when it comes to the preparation of a menu or a dessert, they leave a highly attractive product aside”
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