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Alexander Fink

Hailing from beautiful Bavaria, as he defines it, Alexander Fink perfectly represents that vocational and inevitable transition from savory to sweet cuisine that many young chefs experience. After a fruitful career, he has been a chef pâtissier at the Restaurant Einstein Gourmet in St. Gallen, Switzerland for two years. There he seeks the necessary balance between establishing a harmony with the rest of the restaurant’s gastronomic offer, led by Sebastian Zier, and exercising his own personality. “My desserts are characterized by a harmonic modulation of sweetness and sourness. I love working with fresh regional products like blossoms, fruit sauces, and fond. Besides the taste, I want to focus on the visibility of the craftsmanship and the filigree character of my dishes, because these attributes are what define haute pâtisserie”, he says. Fink builds scenes of nature on his plates, with all its freshness and liveliness, playing with an infinity of small elements that make up a beautiful gastronomic landscape.

“The only thing I do not want to miss in a dessert is probably sugar – although some of my colleagues might not agree here. In my opinion, sugar in the right amount is not at all a bad thing!”

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