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Cutting-edge technology and artisan crafts in Dobla Vietnam

May 28, 2018
Cutting-edge technology and artisan crafts in Dobla Vietnam

Dobla consolidates its presence in Asia thanks to the performance of its production plant in Vietnam. There, this iconic chocolate decorations company manufactures a wide variety of products, 3d flowers, and decorations that always stand out due to their elegance. Dobla has been able to provide professionals in this area with delicate and personal products that come all packed in specially developed blisters and trays in order to protect the product and for easy use in kitchens and pastry shops.

Dobla began with some 40 different references of hand-made decorations designed initially by its technical chef, Frank Haasnoot. Today, the company makes over 500 different models. Its products can be found in all countries of the Asia Pacific region, from Malaysia to New Zealand. In the words of Eric Kakebeen, president of Dobla Asia, the professionals in these regions increasingly have demands “concerning packaging and refinedness”, for which the company has been adjusting its offer to these needs. To do this, they have expanded their sales and marketing team in all corners of Asia, “we are able to spend more time with our partners and devote more focus to local needs”.

The modern manufacturing plant in Vietnam also has the Dobla Pastry Academy, designed primarily to provide a training service to the team and collaborators of the firm. The award-winning chef Otto Tay is responsible for providing this training to get the most out of the signature chocolate decorations. As Eric Kakebeen explains, “Otto implements trends from all over the world in his training at the same time.” Every week, training takes place at the Dobla Academy or in a specific country with its customers.

On a recent trip, we had the opportunity to visit the company’s facilities in Vietnam, where we were able to appreciate the effort to maintain a high standard of quality and innovation, with technology which is engineered and designed by its own technicians. Cutting-edge technology coexists with hand-made work, which, in the words of Eric Kakebeen, “has turned our Vietnam facility into a true one stop shopping address for the Asia Pacific market”. And of course, the whole repertoire of products served here is made with the same Belgian chocolate that the company uses in Europe. Eric Kakebeen adds “all ingredients are all natural and Halal or Kosher”.