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Virtual visits to international bakeries in Iba 2018

July 26, 2018
Virtual visits to international bakeries in Iba 2018
Ana Rodríguez

In the next edition of Iba, which will take place from September 15 to 20 in Munich (Germany), attendees will be able to take a virtual tour of successful bakeries in Germany, Greece, Iceland, Austria, and the United States in Hall B3. An interesting multimedia experience that is positioned as one of the main additions to the fair. With the help of virtual reality glasses and 360-degree videos, you can see the concepts and work processes of the following establishments:

  • Athens – Apollonion Bakery: Apollonion was founded in 1965 by Vasilios Evangelou. The 23 branches are located in Athens, although production is in Koropi, about 40 km away. There are always fresh products available, all of which are baked in the shop  during “live from baking”.
  • Stuttgart-Herrenberg – Bäcker Baier: Jochen Baier, owner of Bäcker Baier, was clear: his company, which has been running for six generations, could only survive in the baked goods market if it became a brand. Therefore, in 2016, Baier opened a new bakery with a store and cafeteria, which combines his family’s 180 years of baking tradition with the latest technology. “We work with one of the oldest farms in Baden-Württemberg that grows the grain for us, old varieties that barely exist today,” he says.
  • Reykjavik – Sandholt Bakery: Ásgeir Sandholt is the fourth generation of Sandholt Bakery, a bakery founded in 1920 by his great grandfather and one of the oldest in Iceland. Its specialties include sourdough breads, cakes, and tarts, as well as homemade lemonades, craft beers, and pastries. “It is important for me that everything is done in an authentic and honest way, therefore, we prepare everything on our own, the processes have not been shortened and baking mixes are not used,” says Ásgeir.
  • Vienna – Joseph Brot: In Vienna, Joseph Brot doughs are unhurriedly kneaded, with movements that are almost like caresses. Labor, organic ingredients from Austria, and time back up the concept of Joseph Weghaupt’s Brotmanufaktur (bread factory). “For me, the crust is pure flavor, so we bake our bread twice. This gives us a crust that remains crispy for a long time. ” In 2009, he founded his bread factory. Now he has four other branches in Vienna, where he is one of the most popular bakers.
  • San Francisco – Tartine Bakery: Founded in 2002, Tartine Bakery has long been an institution in the Mission District with its baked goods, sweet specialties, and sandwiches. Cooking is done throughout the day, so there are always fresh and hot baked goods. Robertson attaches great importance to creativity and is always looking for new recipes, ingredients, and ideas.
  • Dusseldorf – Hinkel Bakery: Founded in Dusseldorf in 1891, the “bakery for bread lovers” is today run by the fourth generation of the bakery’s family. It represents pure artisan and traditional cooking and sustainable work with natural sourdoughs.