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‘Science meets chocolate art’ Gerhard Petzl’s latest book

February 4, 2020
‘Science meets chocolate art’ Gerhard Petzl’s latest book
Ana Rodríguez

Two years after publishing Chocolate Crystals: The soul of chocolate, Gerhard Petzl launches a new book, Science meets chocolate art, available in English and German.

For its creation, he has spent hundreds of hours of research and has had the participation of many scientists from all over the world. The result is a trilogy mix made up of an entertaining textbook, a coffee house read, and a photo album. A trip to different scientific areas within the categories of chemistry, acoustic geometry, biology, and geology, along with art and chocolate sculptures. This book, as defined by Petzl, is not conventional, “it should be an inspirational source to think ‘outside the box’ and rediscover chocolate. I have already received a lot of very interesting comments from people in many different fields of expertise, which shows that it makes sense to do it, even though I understand that not everyone will understand it, why am I doing this ?! And for all the chocolate experts, I want them to ask themselves, if they could also create the sound-house or the techniques I used to create it. But for me, chocolate is not just the sum of its ingredients, it’s art and science. ”

Throughout his professional career, this pastry chef and chocolate maker, with studies in sculpture, has had the opportunity to live and work in a large number of countries, as well as meet many creative people, specialists, scientists, and institutes. A vital experience that has allowed him to exchange personal discoveries in the field of chocolate and see that “there is a missing link, a gap of communication, of knowledge. Scientists discuss matters in their institutes, pastry chefs discuss matters in their Facebook groups, Callebaut Chocolate Masters discuss and train in their own environment,” he says. And with this book, he intends to be a bridge builder between the two worlds. With this particular artistic sensibility, the book interacts globally “with a wide variety of knowledge areas and form the medium of chocolate as a bridge to the individual fields of expertise”.