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Locally-sourced ice cream at Es Koyama

April 28, 2014
Locally-sourced ice cream at Es Koyama
Luis Concepción

The new range of ice creams from the prestigious Japonese pâtisserie ‘Es Koyama’, arises from their close relationship with local producers. Local production for local consumption is one of the highest priorities for this small pastry empire of various shops and facilities (bakery, chocolaterie, school, play area and parking), and which today is a landmark in Japan. We feel very fortunate to be working with the owner, Susumu Koyama, who will soon be appearing in So Good.. Magazine.

His pâtisserie is located in the outskirts of the city of Sanda, in the Kinki (or Kansai) region, on an island in the centre of Japan, well known for the quality of its commodities such as fruits, eggs and milk. The strawberry sorbet, for example, is made with strawberries recently harvested from a farm in Ozo-cho, situated very close to the bakery. Their plain ice cream is also made with great care at a nearby farm. Their vehicles hardly emit any carbon dioxide due to the very short distances to and from the bakery, which is very ecological. What’s more, their collection includes a third offering which combines ice cream and strawberry sorbet. All three have just been launched this spring in a cone format.

The quality of the communication between Es Koyama and their suppliers is exceptional. It is a trust that is generated when artesans are very well acquainted with their suppliers and their farming and production methods. At the same time, the pastry chefs show them what can be made from their fruits, thus closing the circle and allowing the suppliers to see the results of all their good work.