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5 food concepts imagined through chocolate

February 27, 2017
5 food concepts imagined through chocolate
Ana Rodríguez

Room Service is a new amenity launched by Studio Appétit (The Netherlands) that focuses on culinary concepts for hotels and the hospitality industry. Commissioned by UBM, the organizer of SLEEP to create a response for Food & Beverage to the theme of its latest edition, “The Science of Tribes”, the studio has created, in collaboration with Oialla Chocolate, five concepts of F & B with food design, new flavors, packaging, service concept and display for the five tribal archetypes (digital avant-garde, sensory, established, intellectual, and performer).

A collection with which hotel guests can experience unique eating experiences combing the highest standards from the culinary world with the hottest trends and approaches to design, interior and experience:

Flavour Exploration Club (tribe digital avant-garde) is a chocolate foraging experience throughout the hotel grounds. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests receive a manual detailing the origin, flavor, and shape of different Chocolate Gems and their possible location on the premises.

Terrains (tribe sensory) are large format chocolate slates that are displayed as a focal point in the hotel lobby/common area. A blackboard measuring approximately 50/70 cm and a three-dimensional surface that resembles geographic terrains that come in different shapes, textures and consistencies. Works of edible art that are accompanied by utensils that allow the visitor to break and weigh them.

The PRTCL range (tribe established) is aimed at those who are seeking the epiphany of bespoke crafted tradition. Cubes made with 92% Oialla chocolate where the initials of guests are engraved as if it were a coat of arms and packaged in boxes of smoked wood with a forest aroma and a quilted leather interior, which are supplied during all their stay.

Commodity (tribe intellectual) is a fair-trade chocolate bar showcasing all the bar’s statistics and values ​​on it. Using a unique algorithm created for this effect, the system is connected to prequalified chocolate farmers/suppliers around the world and calculates market value, bean type, cocoa mass, origin, carbon footprint, acidity, additives, and melt rate.

Finally, Stripes (tribe performer) is part of the hotel’s F & B collection. It is a brand that extends the hotel’s identity and guest experience into edibles and can be incorporated as new room service, or even a f & b / interior design outlet in the form of a boutique kiosk.


Photos: Studio Appétit