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Official opening of the new Le Cordon Bleu Paris campus

November 4, 2016
Official opening of the new Le Cordon Bleu Paris campus
Ana Rodríguez

In October, Le Cordon Bleu Paris officially opened its new headquarters, measuring 4,000 m2, located in 13-15 Quai André Citroën, next to the Beaugrenelle shopping center and in front of the Statue of Liberty. Every year, this spectacular four-story building will house more than 1,000 students from over 100 nationalities and has been designed in aluminium and glass by the architectural studio Gabrielli – Pierres – Primard, complying with the latest environmental standards.

To mark the occasion, more than 20 embassies from all over the world, and Philippe Goujon, mayor of Paris’s 15th district, cut the inaugural blue ribbon, in the company of André J. Cointreau, President of Le Cordon Bleu International.

During the event, an exhibition following the evolution of gastronomy, also showcased developments in culinary techniques as well as the history of the Le Cordon Bleu, from a small culinary school 121 years ago to a modern-day network of more than 35 establishments around the globe.

An emotional and special day in which more than 400 distinguished guests lived a gastronomic experience full of flavor while discovering the full potential of the new campus. A sensory journey that began with an 1895-style cooking demonstration of pike-perch croquets and Nantua sauce with freshwater crayfish, and finished with a contemporary innovation of mango ice cream with Shiso leaves.

To illustrate international and contemporary cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu alumni Pierre Dutaret, Luis Machado, Christina Huang, Bao Feiyue and Renata Portasio created authentic dishes from their home countries, from China to Brazil, with a modern twist.

With this opening, what is clear is that Le Cordon Bleu, “in an effort to adapt to the new demands of the training market, opened the doors to French know-how to the rest of the world through an academic offer which is highly focused on initiation to cuisine, pastry, and catering courses (basic levels)”, said Veronica Bustamente, So Good delegate and one of those invited to this celebration.

Veronica tells us that one of the most notable innovations of the premises is the rooftop turned “vegetable garden with autonomous energy, which is more than 800 m2, with fruits, vegetables and honey hives.” In addition, “the kitchens have a very Asian influence with induction designed to work with the wok”.


Photos by Le Cordon Bleu International 2016 and Emilie Burgat